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How to choose between an anonymous donor and a known donor

When it comes to having a baby through artificial insemination, natural insemination or in vitro fertilization, one of the first important decisions you will have to make is whether you would prefer to get pregnant through a known or unknown donor. As each person is different and there is no single answer, is here to help you make a decision informing you about the advantages and disadvantages of either option.


Sperm Donor

sperm donor donation


Anonymous donor


If you choose an anonymous donor or an unknown donor, either from the international sperm bank Cryos or another sperm bank, you will not be able to request any personal information about the donor in addition to your medical and genetic history, however, if you choose a Cryos donor, for example, you can also opt for a public donor and not anonymous. In this case, children conceived by donors can have access to the identity of the donor once they turn 18, provided they can prove they were born as a result of reproductive treatment with sperm donation.


Why should you turn to an anonymous donor?


The reasons why single couples or women choose an anonymous donor are:

  • Sperm banks thoroughly test their donor sperm to ensure that the samples are viable and healthy. They verify if the sperm is fertile, free of sexually transmitted diseases or chromosomal abnormalities. The donor's medical history, family history, blood type, profession, education or hobbies are all examples of other criteria considered during the recruitment process.
  • They do not want the donor to participate in the family unit and, therefore, in the lives of their children.
  • The rights of non-biological parents are protected, since the donor remains anonymous, at least until their child turns 18 (depending on whether they choose a public or private donor).
  • Avoid any legal problem with an anonymous sperm donor. On the other hand, it is normal for any human being to want to know its origins. Not knowing where they come from could be disturbing for your children. If you choose an anonymous and private donor, your donor-conceived children will not be able to know who their biological father is. Nor can they be contacted for medical reasons.

Known donor


Many couples (heterosexual and homosexual) and single women prefer to use a known donor to have a child. Non-anonymous donors can be found on online platforms such as Others look for a sperm donor among people they know personally, such as their friends, colleagues or other family members.


Sperm donor

Why should you turn to a known donor?


The reasons for choosing a known donor are:

  • You know who the donor is: you know their physical features, as well as their personality. If you wish (and the donor agrees), you can get more information about their genetics and family history by organizing a meeting with their family.
  • When selecting the donor, you have the possibility to ask all the questions whose answers you want to know and, therefore, you can choose your donor according to your own criteria.
  • Your future child can know its origins, which can help you build your own identity and perhaps avoid possible psychological problems.
  • Your future child can establish a relationship with the donor if this is what you want and is something that you have agreed with the donor.
  • If the couple is two homosexual women, the donor can be a male figure who acts as "father" for the child (if this is what you want).

What are the disadvantages of opting for a known donor?


What seems positive to some may seem daunting to others. For example, to select the sperm donor, you will have to ensure the quality of your sperm, as well as verify that it is free of genetic disorders or infectious diseases. These tests can cost money and time. In addition, while the sperm banks perform all the checks through their recruitment process, you will have to ask the questions yourself to make sure that the potential donor matches what you are looking for.


sperm donor

In addition, if you prefer that the donor does not get involved in your child's life, there is always a risk that he will change his mind over the years and want to play a more important role in his upbringing. If, on the contrary, you want the donor to participate, the opposite can also happen. Over time, the donor could start a family of his own and, therefore, be less willing to maintain a relationship with your child.


Finally, if you decide to get pregnant with a known leihmutter usa sperm donor, it is best to draw up a contract before undergoing insemination or IVF. It is important to clarify the donor's relationship with the future child by establishing the roles, rights, and responsibilities of each party (you, your partner, if any, and the sperm donor).


Having a baby with a sperm donor, whether known or unknown, requires time and lots of conversations with your partner (if you have one). This personal decision is completely yours, since what suits one person does not necessarily suit another.